What's the difference between my cloud mirror and my cloud home duo

I see WD release a new My Cloud Home product. On bestbuy.com i see the older version is a little less expensive. What is the actual difference between a my cloud and a my cloud home?

Hello YouRoyalDuckness,

The new My Cloud Home Duo has been upgraded with more RAM, a faster processor, and incorporates a more simple stream lined setup. For more information regarding the differences in the products see the knowledge base article linked below.

Hey Lance. I have a Mycloud Mirror 8TB 2Gen and I am very disappointed with my device. My problems were related on the WD community (Very Slow Dashboard access on My Cloud Mirror 8TB 2 Gen - #17 by PEMAMETAL) but I still didn’t get a solution for this.

The MY Cloud Home seems a better product. Because of that I am considering selling my device to get this new Product. But watching the wd youtube videos I noticed this is a very different product, can you make it clear if this new device has a Dashboard UI like the My cloud mirror, and if it is possible to mont shares on finder (I am using a macbook)?


The My Cloud Home does not have a Dashboard UI like the older My Cloud products. To setup the device you must have an internet connection and setup can be done using the mobile app.

You can use the WD Discovery software, available for Mac, and sign into your My Cloud account (this is a different account than the older My Cloud devices use so new account will need to be created) and the My Cloud Home will be mounted as on the desktop and in finder automatically.

It is important to note that the My Cloud Home does not have the same share management the older My Cloud devices had. Each user will automatically get a private share when invited to use the device via the mobile app. The My Cloud Home does not currently have public share functionality. This device was designed to be a personal Home Cloud solution and is not a full NAS device.

Thank You Lance.

Actually I don’t care about the Public Share. I am the only person at home that uses the NAS.

My device (mycloud mirror 8TB 2gen) would be a perfect solution for me, but it really gets unusable if I turn on the cloud access, so I use it disabled all the time, loosing the main feature of the device.

So If this new device works smoothly as a mounted drive giving me the same speeds I get today (around 60-80 MB/s reading), and allows Cloud access. That it is what I need.

Just one more thing, does it allow DLNA streaming to a smart TV?

It does not support Twonky or iTunes server. Plex is available as an app install that can be used for streaming media.

Does it support any other streaming programs or just plex?

Also how does it compare to the My Cloud EX2 Ultra processor, features etc. as i am looking to buy this week so i would like a better understanding each of them THanks

the my cloud home only supports Plex.

spec wise the my cloud home has a 1.l4GHz quad core processor where the ex2 ultra has a 1.3GHx dual core processor. Both have 1GB DDR3 memory. So the my cloud home is a bit faster.

the my cloud home does not have a dashboard like the ex2 ultra. there are no shares to configure. each invited user has their own user space. there is no public share so sharing files between users can only be done via shared links. there are some other limitations with the my cloud home product as well so if you are looking for something with the same or better feature set of the ex2 ultra the my cloud home may not be the product for you.

Have a read through the UM linked below to get an idea of the features the my cloud home offers.

Thanks very much for your prompt response. I’m going to think about it and see what other solution might be more suitable for my situation

the my cloud had a really nice feature which once set up, you simply plugged in your USB stick into the back, and it would automatically backup the USB stick. You could set it up to simply sync it with an existing backup so a weekly backup of a USB stick would hardly take any time and you didn’t have to wait to back up the entire thing. It seems as the new my cloud home has taken a step back from that. Seems is no longer automatic (need to initiate with the mobile app), and the sync function is now gone.

Not trying to bash, just looking to upgrade from a single hard drive unit to a dual (I have a regular my cloud now). Could someone confirm my findings? If they are true, I think the my cloud mirror is what I should look for.



The My Cloud Mirror was discontinued. The HOME model is taking its place as entry level device. The HOME is not a NAS; it’s different. If you want a NAS you need to step up to a higher series starting with EX models.