Media server on my cloud home

Hello is it possible to use another media server than Plex on my cloud home? twonky for instance?

The My Cloud Home only support Plex for a media server.


Will it support any other media server soon?

As far as I know there are no plans to support other media servers. I would suggest posting the feature request in the My Cloud Home Ideas board

OK thanks so maybe you can help me out. I’m using plex media server to
manage my Flac audio files read by my network hi-fi player (Mitchell and
Johnson WLD+211t). Files are correctly read by my network player but art
covers aren’t showing. Is there any option to activate to have these art
covers showing? Thanks.

I was using Twonky, on my Samsung Smart TV, since 2019 on my My Cloud HOME until last week when WD disabled it (?? they will not tell me what they did). it was disabled around the time WD had the huge outage (1 Oct 2021)

That is unlikely because there has been no report of Twonky ever running on MCH outside of a lab. If you didn’t see one of these, it was unlikely to have been running on your MCH and most likely you were running Plex or may be Windows Media Server on your Windows PC.

Nope, I guarantee you, for over a year I have been using MHC with Twonky on my smart TV. (1000% not plex…Ive never used it nor had an account.)

It is not a matter of “if” or “is it possible”…since I used it, just as I did with my older WD Live Book. My understanding was Twonky was pre installed and used by MCH. I saw “Twonky”, not as an app but when i opened the MCH from TV “source” (which is no longer showing), which I saw on the smart TV and viewed and streamed files from my MHC. I have no problems on other devices such as mobile or PC using windows, the only problem is with Smart TV.

My question is not “did I use” … the Question is why does it not work work now (why cannot I not see MHC on my smart TV) since the latest update

Sometimes users run helper apps on their phones or smart TVs and that created the appearance that Twonky is being served elsewhere, such as the MCH when it is not and it becomes very confusing to the user as well as those who try to troubleshoot the problem. MCH support has said for many years that MCH does not have Twonky:

What you are seeing could be this, when the Twonky receiver app is running together with a helper app:



thanks but Im not asking if I used Twonky or not, maybe you are missing the point.

My problem is “I was accessing my MCH directly via my smart tv. It was plug and play. Not thru any app. I didn’t install any app nor change any TV (or router) settings. I plugged in the MHC and i saw it under “sources”, NOW IT IS GONE”. ever since the change on Oct 1 21, which seems to have caused a huge amount of problems.

I saw Twonky (on the TV) and did not install any other app. You maybe right it had nothing to do with Twonky…but that is not the issue. I wouldn’t have a clue what a “helper app” is but if the TV or MCH installed something it did it automatically without my knowledge.

Obviously WD changed something recently which has caused the problem, but what?