I moved house and put all my kit back together but WDMyCloud does not work

Same Samsung Smart TV, same Hub, same cable BUT once it is all up and running whilst I can see the files on the cloud from my laptop insofar as the TV is concerned it can see the drive but reports that there are no files there.

I have checked all the settings on the TV and hub and drive and none look out of place so any suggestions please in simple terms as to how and where I may have gone wrong?

Thanks in advance…

Sounds like the DLNA server isn’t working, or is inaccessible. Check the following settings:

  1. Use the Shares|Public|Share Profile|Media Serving control in the Dashboard to enable media serving on the Public share (or whichever share(s) you have stored your media on).
  2. Use the Settings|Media|DLNA Media Server|Media Streaming control in the Dashboard to turn on the Twonky Media Server.
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