What type of AC/DC adapter (polarity + power requirements) for 8TB MyBook?


I’ve lost my power adapter for my 8TB MyBook (p/n WDBFJK0080HBK-NA). The back of the MyBook shows 12V DC input but that’s all.

I have a universal 2A power adapter.

What is the correct polarity to use for the adapter (i.e. center positive or center negative)? Also, what is a 2A DC power supply sufficient or does the device require more power? How much current can the power supply that comes with the unit from WD supply?

Check out this link.

Hi, the link doesn’t answer the question. It says the adapter that ships with the device is a 12V, 1.5A power supply, so that’s half the answer.

What is the polarity of the adapter (i.e. it’s either center-positive or center-negative)?

Thank you.

I called the Western Digital support line and they told me it is center-positive.

I configured my 2A universal adapter for center-positive polarity and the drive powers up just fine.

If the MyBook requires a 5A PS, you are greatly under powering it with a 2A PS. It may be fine for idling, but under a load of doing work, the PS may get to hot to handle or even burn out. Order the correct PS from WD.

BTW, I have a recent model 4TB MyBook, and its PS is 12V, 1.5A, so I question the 5A spec you mention, so your 2A may be OK. Just monitor the heat of it as you use it.

I think you misread my post. I did say 1.5A not 5A.

What matters is YOU got it right, not me. :slight_smile:

Where would I find the Part Number for the AC Power Adapter?
In preparation for Hurricane Irma we did not keep the power supply with the WD MyBook.
The other devices have were labeled and reconnected to their respective devices and are working properly. The power supply I have says 12 vdc and 2 amps, I am very confident it is the original. Not wanting to assume the last AC Power Adapter went with the WD MyBook. I called WD and they could not help me with a Part Number or where to locate the Part Number. They said it could only be a 12 vdc, 1.5 amps and 18 watts. Any help will be greatly appreciated.