Technical power adapter question for older MyBook models

I have 3 x 750 GB WD “MyBook” external HDs. I’ve been using them for years, certainly over 10 years. Up to now they have been utterly dependable and I don’t want to get rid of them.

I am in the UK and I am therefore using 240 V AC power input (with a UK plug).

The 2 I keep at home (the other is for “off site” backup) have stopped working, and my prime suspect is the power adapter.

I can see on Amazon etc. that it is possible to buy power adapters for WD external HDs, but they are all presumably for more recent models, and they usually seem to say that they deliver 12 V DC.

First question: I have no idea what voltage (and current?) the two MyBooks I have at home need. They are different models, bought maybe a couple of years apart.
The older one says this for the model number: MDL: WD7500C032-002,
The newer one says this: WD P/N: WD7500H1U-00 S/N: WCAU40320486.

They both take the same kind of DC input “pin-plug”, and I was able to use the same power adapter on both. But I’ve no idea what specification or designation the “pin-plug” may be: that’s the second question.

Is there anywhere I can look up this information, or contact WD technicians who may be able to help? Or maybe someone here knows what type of power adapter I need to get?


PS I have managed to find installation guides and specs PDFs for these HDs online … and also at least one company in the UK ( which claims to offer suitable UK-mains-plug power adapters, with 12 V DC output, for these precise models. Unfortunately the WD specs documents I’ve found don’t in fact say what the DC output from the original power adapters is.