Missing power adaptor

I’ve lost the power adaptor of my 1TB MyBook. I have no idea what the voltage/amperage setting I will need if I were to buy another power adaptor. The specifications info on the MyBooks at WD is very limited. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

What is the model number of your hard drive? I would then be able to tell the exact specifications on that power adapter other wise take a look at this list and spot yours Hope this helps

Please clcick on the link 



Maybe this will help http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1378/kw/power%20adapters/related/1



That’s the exact link I mistakenly miss copied I think I’m doing too many post at a time LOL :slight_smile:

Hi Lawrence,

The model no. is (I think): 3409A

Thanks for your help.

Another question: Even though WD frowns upon it, would I be able to find a third party power adaptor, say at Radio Shack? I need to access my hard drive immediately and cannot wait for one to be shipped to me.

It’s worth a try take the old adapter and print out the page showing the one you need from WD. Good Luck