Hoping to find out a model of a HDD

I’ve got a WD Hard drive that I’m trying to find some stats on so I could connect it to my PC. I don’t have the power supply, and I’m not sure what cables I need - but the P/N is WDBAAJ0010HSL-00 2610B. Hoping to find if this helps know what model it is so I can find what power supply and cables I need to connect it to my PC?

Thanks in advance!

The output is usually 12VDC, 2A or 3A, centre pin positive. The connector is a barrel type.

Accessory USA AC DC Adapter for WD My Book 1TB Drive WDBAAF0010HBK-01 Hard Drive 12V Power Supply Cord


this looks like the ones that came with my units

12 volts 1.5 amps

the USB cable is a USB 3.0 Cable - A-Male to Micro-B

any person you know that uses WD Mybook for backups will have many extra cables and power supplies

Looking up the P/N i assume it’s a My Book Studio ?

12 Volts / 1.5 Amps / 18 Watts


“This answer provides a list [of] power adapters required by most WD products. Use the required specifications to search for an appropriate adapter from a 3rd party vendor.”

This list is dangerous because it makes no mention of polarity or whether the output should be AC or DC. Not very helpful at all, WD.

Thanks but it looks like this may be a FireWire cable?

The list literally shows and states AC Adaptor Specification for every WD Device … and not DC

And for polarity … Tip is commonly + and standard for everything these days.

Contacting WD Support and Searching this WD Forum will also confirm Tip is +

Centre pin + is not a universal standard, nor is the pinout for 4-pin, 5-pin or 6-pin DIN connectors standardised.

Warning: Be aware of non-standard mini-DIN pinouts:

If you get it wrong, this is what can happen:

Catastrophic failures in Western Digital PCBs:

As for AC versus DC, obviously I was referring to the 12V output, not the AC input.

This is how it is done correctly:


Note that specifying the polarity automatically implies a DC output.

There should be no need to contact WD’s support, if the web site is updated to correctly reflect the specs.