Lost My Power Supply - Correct voltage?

Greetings All.

I have a My Book Essential that I lost the power supply. I looked on the back at the power supply port and all it say is DC IN. If I remember correctly it is the 1TB with 3.0 USB. I do not know the correct voltage or amps so I can order the correct replacement the first time. Can someone help me out with this info? Thanks, Bubba

Any power adapter with output 12V and 1A/2A should be fine.

12 Volts
1.5 Amps
18 Watts


1A will NOT be fine! .

2A will be ok … since the My Book Essential requires the minimum 1.5A


Thank you for the help…and caring about my house not burning down. Peace, Bubba

Actually, that was pretty extreme … but i Strongly advise against it, it could damage your hard drive and possibly overheat, burn out, shutdown.