12v-1.5 amp AC Adapter

I have a WD Elements 8 TB external drive as well as a WD MY Book 4 TB external drive and somehow mixed up the ac adapters for the two drives. One of the ac adapters has an output of 12v-.6 amps and the other has an output of 12v-1.5 amps. Logic tells me the larger drive might require the 1.5 amps but wanted to be sure so I don’t damage either of the drives. Can anyone provide the info for the proper ac adapter for these two drives.

The Minimum Amps for all Western Digital External hard drives is 1.5 Amps


.6 amps ? … that’s only 600ma which won’t be enough to power any WD Hard drive

even if you mean 6A you need to double check that … because there are no 6A power supplies in the link above.

Is it branded KTEC ? because that’s the brand that WD uses. (if it is a KTEC 12V 6A adaptor then i would assume it’s for the 8TB Elements)

I know 100% that the 12V 1.5A is for the WD My Book 4TB … because i own one. (it’s KTEC branded)