What the heck it this 'SSH' stuff everyone says (but never EVER, EXPLAINS!...)

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Secure Shell (SSH), sometimes known as Secure Socket Shell, is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer. It is widely used by network administrators to control Web and other kinds of servers remotely.

thanks but that means nothing to me… I meant in terms of how to USE it, like where I linked this reply from, as in: to turn off remote access to the MYCLOUD to stop what is being called ‘drive thrashing’

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as in this:

“Access your My Cloud via SSH as per Banned’s directions (it’s easier than you think).”

YEAH RIGHT LOL… TOTAL NIGHTMARE. A WD RED Internal is sounding better and better. Tech Support called and their brilliant solution to get my drive to sleep, is to send drive after drive until I give up and buy from a different company apparently…

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[quote=“Robert_England, post:1, topic:143827, full:true”]
What the heck it this ‘SSH’ stuff everyone says (but never EVER, EXPLAINS!…) [/quote]
From Google…
Secure Shell (SSH) is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer. SSH is actually a suite of three utilities - slogin, ssh, and scp - that are secure versions of the earlier UNIX utilities, rlogin, rsh, and rcp. SSH commands are encrypted and secure in several ways.

From the My Cloud Dashboard Help file…
Enabling SSH
You can configure My Cloud so that you securely access your cloud and perform command-line operations via the Secured Shell (SSH) protocol.

To enable/disable SSH:
1.Click Settings.
2.In the left pane, click Network.
3.Turn on SSH.

That sounds ;like some crazy alien tongue to me,. I meant HOW TO ACTUALLY USE IT,… This is getting worse not better… I’m just going to rip it open and use it internally, this is a nightmare… 25 years of buying hard drives, never had to deal with all this just to get it to SLEEP and protect itself,. NIGHTMARE,… WD is DYING…,

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You will find SSH in the Dashboard>Settings. See image below. Click, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


Let’s try again.

The MyCloud is not simply a USB HDD. It is a network file server. This means that it is, essentially, a small computer, running the Linux operating system, and a number of file server, media server and remote access programs to allow it to perform its function. It is connected to your local network via Ethernet, and communicates with your ‘real computers’ using a number of industry-standard protocols for file sharing.

Now, some of the services running on it are unnecessary for some users, but WD have chosen not to provide controls for them via the Dashboard control interface. This is unfortunate.

However, users who are familiar with the Linux operating system, and how services run on it, can use Linux command line tools to control the unwanted services, or to modify the way the MyCloud works.

Since MyCloud is running Linux as an embedded computer, without a command line or GUI interface, we need some other means to login to it. SSH provides us with that means to login, in a secure (password protected and encrypted) manner.

However, even if you can manage to login successfully, you will still need to understand the rudiments of Linux. Since it is a complete and sophisticated operating system, we cannot explain it in a few simple posts. It takes years to acquire the level of experience that some users have of Linux; they’re the ones who will provide the most expert advice on the more arcane aspects of MyCloud operation. It also requires a significant effort to understand how MyCloud is built and operates on top of Linux. I’ve been using Unix machines on and off, as a simple user, for about 25 years, but I’m certainly not one of those expert users.

That’s why most instructions you will find here try to give a sequence of Linux commands to do what is needed. A lot of the time, what is needed has been discussed in many previous threads, that can be found using the forum search function, or Google. Whilst people here are prepared to help, some effort on the part of the enquirer is required.

I thought you had established that the MyCloud was going to be far too slow for your blazing needs, and were going to remove the HDD and mount it internally to your computer? If you don’t need an always-on, networked file and media server or remote access, but just want a big, fast, HDD, that would be the best option for you. Or wipe the drive, sell it, and buy a simple SATA or USB HDD… Since Red drives are optimised for longevity, you may be able to find a drive more optimised for the performance you need.


Thats a heck of an answer, … thanks… I have seen so much arguing and immaturity here (not from you) that I did not trust the idea of taking it out after hearing it here, that I would do so, it would NOT show up in disk management and that would be that. I asked here the simple question, will it show up in Disc Manager to be either assigned a drive letter OR be reformatted which I heard was neccessary… I have to take all advice here with a grain of salt unfortunately which makes the whole process much more murky,… Thanks for the info,… I wish one person would just give the steps required to stop this thing killing itself and SLEEP, then all would be fine,… Because the ‘My Drive Won’t Sleep’ thread is STILL Ongoing with many people saying it did not help, I have started to suspect the reason is,. THERE IS NO FIX 541 views and 44 replies and still going… 2,600 views on the OTHER my cloud wont sleep thread … But I get attacked for expressing OBVIOUS frustration… I wanted this to make my work life easier not have to take on a new technical specialty, ALL my time is already taken up with work. If it does not help it HURTS,

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Yes, we understand your frustration; been there, done that. But it’s not helpful to take that frustration out on people who are trying to help you. That’s what has caused the reaction you’re getting.

But since you have used the magic word, I’ll try to help further.

The MyCloud is actually pretty complicated, with a lot of interconnected services running. So it’s hard for us users to figure out the design, and work out what is causing the sleep problems. If WD can’t sort it (and it seems they either can’t or won’t), then our efforts are likely to be less than 100% successful. Not only that, but every setup is different.

So, if all you want is a file server, and don’t want a media server or cloud access, then yes, turn off the iTunes server, turn off the media streaming, turn off cloud access, turn off TimeMachine. Then use SSH turn turn off those wdmc… indexing services.

If you do decide to pull out the HDD, when you plug it in, it will probably need to go and find a device driver for it, but, thereafter, you should be able to format it and use it as you see fit.

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Thanks! There never was any explanation as to HOW do do the SSH thing, so I am trying not to think about it, I will go insane… (not one actual step or tidbit of actual info as to HOW to do this SSH thing, was ever offered,… hence MY frustration) They only say stuff like: ‘‘Connect to SSH and STOP cryptic stuff’’,. That’s not any kind of help that’s kind of cruel actually… Every time I go to click the blue WD icon it is GONE and I have to restart,. even if the drive is working in file explorer,… There are more problems than I can list and 10 hours in I have yet to get a single actual helpful; STEP to take regarding this SSH ‘thing’ - Maybe i’m so frustrated BECAUSE I HAVE gone 25 years in a Hollywood Animation Career without EVER having any of these sorts of problems, this is horrible,. If I was dealing something like with this on a SCSI drive in 1992 I would understand , in 2015? Not so much., It’s probably for the best, form what I have seen it is an iffy solution at beast and VERY VERY technical and complex, I create stereoscopic WORLDs in VR, I have been a technical Animator and visual effects Artist for decades i’m no dumb bunny, but THIS is too much, to not receive even a SINGLE Clear STEP as to how to pull off this SSH highly technical fix, It feels like I was attacked well before I got frustrated…

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I think I seen cpt_paranoia post in one of your posts with steps on SSH… You will need to first turn it on in the settings and like said download a SSH Client like putty once you have putty downloaded you need to put in the my clouds IP and connect to it. It will ask for a user name and password if I remember right the default is user = root and password = welc0me it will then asks you to set up a new password. Once that is done you can use the commands found in the forum.

ok, yeah that’s too much… putty clients and stuff, I definitely was not told about any of THAT, he just re-posted the original post that I asked about that had no specific steps at ALL and even left me wondering what the heck SSH even was (not exactly complete info…) LOL,… I would have logged off and given up the ghost… Downloading another program to make my hard drive sleep, that’s one step too far down the rabbit hole for me :slight_smile: ,
HOWEVER,…I DO Appreciate the help,,. This drive has made this a TERRIBLE holiday for me,. If I have to put that much into it, its simply not worth it by a long shot, Drives should just WORK no fuss no muss,… Thanks for the tips on turning off all the other stuff though, perhaps that will help enough. . I have decided to ONLY backup the large Videos but NOT the individual Render images (hundreds of THOUSANDS of tiff, tga and JPG files :slight_smile: Those I suspect would make it scan longer than the half life of a proton… LOL
I must say I don’t believe it will RESTART scanning after being turned off and on as someone mentioned…, It may CONTINUE until DONE, but not RESTART the Scan… SUrely it is saving little files that let it know what is scanned already? Isn’t that indeed the point?, It would be too illogical even for this new unkempt WD for that to happen. (that’s not to say it won’t but I’m hoping!) My frustratrion is (obviously) aimed at WD, not other customers getting screwed like I am :slight_smile: (thats funny, I can say Screwed but not ■■■■ (‘C R A P’) LOL) Sorry to any I offended, I am an free Thinking Artist who Bristles easily, and NEVER gets along in public forums, I’m a poor follower, …)

Happy New Year!


It’s true if you completely shut if down it will start the scan all over again. I agreed with it should work with work better without all this I am sure others do to even the the more technical users. It was one of my biggest grips it should just work without all the fussing around with settings and sshing into it. I understand that post and have no problem doing those things but it shouldn’t be needed. If you did want to SSH into it and turn that service off I’m sure some one could help you more to get it done or maybe I could help the putty client is just a program that lets you connect to the my cloud and run linux commands. It’s also a very small program that doesnt even need to installed can run from whatever folder you put it in and delete when done if you wanted.

Well, that really is the singular reason I have battling for the last 12 hours now, and asking repeatedly, but no one has given even the word PUTTY until you,… There were links that didn’t work that were supposed to have all the info, and many people re-iterated the original posts ‘steps;’ which were and are completely meaningless to me and I said so - a fight ensued for me daring to express my frustration with the total lack of USABLE info :expressionless: and that’s where it stands … I WOULD like to turn off whatever commands are required, but I don’t see it happening, many people have said they would help then copy paste the same info over and over, only YOU have offered anything new (this PUTTY thing) that wasn’t in original post I evinced confusion about,… I’m so frustrated after fighting people all day… I download putty, then ??? I wont know what it is or what to do with it, much less this scary procedure the original post said was so specific I could wreck my machine with a single key command (one wants to get it right after reading a thing like that) LOL, Honestly if anyone ever really read through this whole ‘WD Day’ for me, beginning to end, they would say: WHAT A JOKE this place is and ‘OMG THAT POOR GUY getting no help and getting attacked for it!’

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First are you on Windows? Haven’t read all your post so sorry if you had already posted that. If so this is the direct link to it to make it less complicated since there are many things listed on the site.

Also here is the wiki for it. As you can see in the screenshot when you first run it that screen will pop up where you can enter the hostname for the mycloud wdmycloud is the host name you can also use its ip address. Once you are connected the the mycloud it will look like a old DOS prompt asking for a user name and password

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ok, yes I am Win 7 64 bit… I’m going to stop you there, I don’t want to waste more of your time, I shouldn’t download an EXE off the web like that, you seem nice but,… I wouldn’t know what to do after installing anyways… It is completely foreign to me,. I am an Artist, Thanks though, What a terrible day! It keeps going in circles,…

I build my own workstation computers to render on, and never had to deal with anything like this,…WD should be ashamed… I do see that putty is a ral thing, I googled SSH and PUTTY and see that, a TELNET CLient,. It seems maybe like mIRC?? Telnet isn’t that something to do with old modems? Anyways, I’ll download this thing then spend hours here asking what next step to take. Then ask about the NEXT step … . If no one had listed complete actual steps for this, no one ever will,. these tidbits make me even MORE nervous,. You say people have listed steps, but they are vague steps with so little explanation and context that I called it MAYAN .,. Only someone already in the know would understand them AT ALL,… Therefore NOT HELP at all… :~)

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If you change your mind I would be willing to walk you through it. It’s so small of a program that a install isn’t needed you just run it from the exe. Reason I posted the Wiki was it has a picture of what it looks like when its running

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Of course I would appreciate it, I have been here all day asking for that after all :slight_smile: Like any recipe or complete info, If you list actual specific steps, I will be fine doing whatever needs to be done! I can follow instructions…
Thanks. I will probably do it later though, like tommorow when I have healed from pulling my hair out and a day of total frustration LOL

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