SSH usability


Im new to the WDcloud having received my new one today. I bought it thinking its main use would be as a backup to a larger NAS amongst other things. For this I need to create some rsync config on the WD box.

Firmware version is 2.21.126

Following the guide found online from WD ‘Rsync from QNAP to My Cloud HowTo.pdf’ I have enabled SSH, It says also remote server feature should be enabled but that option is simply not on the network settings page

Software tools and WD My Cloud settings:
 SSH command line access enabled
 “Remote Server” feature enabled
 port forwarding enabled on My Cloud and router if external WAN side access needed

But heres my main issue;

Succesfully logged in via SSH as root (also sshd). Both take me to the command prompt. however commands such as nano /etc/rsyncd.secrets just return 'nano: command not found"

Vi seems bust too. I managed to create the file just using touch, and chmod. guide says reboot. After that the file is gone from /etc as if it never existed (it definately did)

Hope you can help clear up where im going wrong ! or whether the cli is just so screwed down its unusable in this firmware version.


What you have is a gen2 My Cloud. It uses Busybox rather than a full Linux. When you reboot
all changes made using SSH will be lost. The only changes saved over a reboot are those made
using the dashboard.

Hey rac8006

Thanks for confirming that. I was getting to that conclusion and had actually arranged to return the box this evening, after less than a day I can see It just didnt do what I was hoping for and no amount of messing would have made it happen.

Maybe it was my lack of research but when docs says it works to a mycloud then it didnt occur to me it wouldnt work to a mycloud ! Anyhow, no harm done. I was just hoping for something to sit quietly in the corner and give me some peace of mind, but it was quickly apparent this wasnt the ticket.