SSH my EX2

Ok I use to SSH MyCloud 4tb (single white drive) all the time. Now I own EX2 and try to set up SSH. I did set up enable SSH and set up password. 

The way I use to SSH was for exemple:


enter my password and I was in. If I do that now it will ask me for my password but I cant get in using password I set up.

What I’m doing wrong, any help will be great.

Your correct username should be revealed when you hover your mouse over the i (for info) icon in the settings where you enable the SSH in the dashboard. Use that username.

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thank you Cybernut1. I just did and, my user name is stll defult user name “sshd”. so how shoud command line look loke when I SSH in to it ?

Should look like:
ssh sshd@

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Cybernut1 thank you I did get in. But looking its very limited comparing to my old my cloud 4TB. I think my old one use all comands from linux this one looks like very strip down busybox.  can copy or vew dir comands. 

Yes, that is correct. But it still has some tweaking capabilities available - mostly by edting config files (using vi) so if you are comfortable with Linux/Unix, you can do a decent amount of stuff. Needless to say, any permanent changes done to your system might void your warranty…same as your old My Cloud NAS.

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Thank you and yes I know about the warranty. I mainly stop few tasks to improve performance. like wdserve and some other. Can I do this on this one? Or is the structure of the OS on EX2 completly diffrent?

It is a lot different from My Cloud. But you can familiarize yourself with the settings available on the dashboard’s settings to see what you can turn on/off using the web gui (dashboard) without even requiring SSH access. There’s a lot of stuff now that WD has provided web interface for that used to require SSH access in earlier firmwares. For example, you can view logs from Dashboard -> Settings -> Utilities -> System Diagnostics -> System Logs -> View Logs.

Explore through the dashboard and you’ll discover several such things, particularly in the settings section.

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