What is the maximum size HD that is supported or has worked for you?

Trying to find out information regarding hard drive space. I have one full 2TB hard drive. Ideally I would like to add a 3 or a 4TB HD. 

I don’t know what the maximum size is, but I have been using a WD Elements 3TB without any problems for quite a while.

I was going to buy an addition hard drive. Debating between the 3tb essentials and the 4tb mybook. Does anyone use two hds. And does it work well?

I have a 3tb WD element and a 2tb WD element connected to the rear usb port using a Belkin 2.0 4-Port Ultra-Mini Hub that is powered from the usb hub of the WD Live.  Both hard drives are plugged into wall sockets and are powered that way.  It works fine.  I have never tried more than 2 drives (even though it has 4 ports) only because I still have plenty of storage available.  I have been using this setup over a year now and haven’t had any trouble.

Both of my HDs are elements, so I can’t vouch for the essentials or mybook.

I currently have one 2 TB element attacked. It’s full. I never thought about using a USB adapter to connect them both in the back! That was going ot be one of my next questions. So it should be a powered usb split?

Based on my research and the comments I’ve seen elsewhere, it’s best to use a hub. A powered hub is best especially for usb powered HDDs.

I have been using a powered 2.5TB WD My Book for over a year now with no issues. I recently purchashed a second 2TB My Book from Amazon but haven’t opened the box yet as I still have over 300GB left on the first one. I plan to purchase a hub to connect the additional HDD.

To answer the question, I have heard of someone using a 4TB HDD. I wouldn’t go above that capacity though and when using larger ones, be wary of the manufacturer as well. Buffalo, WD, and Seagate seem to work well with the WDTVs, if other consumers are to be the example.