WDTV LiveHUB External USB Drive


Is it possible to use an external USB HDD with a 6TB capacity connected to the WDTV LiveHUB (WDBACA0010BBK)? It will be filled with videos only.
I didn’t found any informations on how much it can handle max in the user manual.

Many thanks

Some users have reported success while others have not. I would recommend a 2TB unit in order to ensure compatibility.

I’ve tried a 4TB WD Elements … and it works fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers

I bought a WD My Book 6TB (WDBFJK0030HBK-EESN), and it works fine.

Yes, I have 3 external Seagate drives hooked up through a USB HUB. It just takes time to load up the drives on start up.