OK Folks-11 Years-Maximum Size WDTVLIVEHUB Revealed

I keep pushing my WDTVLIVEHUB[s] and WDTVLIVE boxes. They sometimes “push back”, but still serve up Movies and TV episodes on a daily basis.

But they are “pushing back” harder now. I get, for instance, endless “Compiling Media Library” messages that never finish and where none of my usual workarounds are effective.

I’ve backed off. Where I’ve had a Media LIbrary as large as the WDTVLIVEHUB Drive + USB External Drive + 8 connected network drives or 10 total drives, I now run only 8 drives total, and things are fairly stable.

So where does that leave me?: 8 drives; 51 TB; 25,191 video files (mkv or mp4) in approximately 10,000 folders. I’m impressed WD. Thanx! Keep pluggin’ along…

Has anyone had any experience with more Movies and/or more Folders?

I was thinking about replacement internal 1tb to the 2tb drive, but as far as i get it they are all smr tecnology now, so not sure it is good idea.

By the way, what is size of youe usb connected drives and filesystem you are using?

I really quit using my WDTV when I got my first fire stick, but if I recall correctly, when I put in the 1TB it was the max the box could handle. I have not kept up with updates so I do not know if WD upped the capacity

The WDTV Live Hub has not received any updates since 2013

It’s a discontinued legacy device which WD will never update ever again.

2TB have been reported to work … would most likely need to be MBR partitioned (of which 2TB is the Max Capacity) and not GPT (GUID Partition Table)