What is the function of a user password set in the User Profile?

After using the 40 sec reset as part of solving an earlier now solved issue, I am re-issuing access to all users. As part of the user profile the admin can set a user password for each user. During the process of changing the default setting of “Off” to “On” a dialog box opens where the password for the user can be set.
A note states: “Changing this password won’t affect your MyCloud.com account.”
I wondered in the past what the function of that password would be if not for logging into the MyCloud.com account? I recall I set up passwords years ago for all users and played around setting the password selection back to “off”, but it did not appear to have any effect whatsoever whether a password was set or not (at least not in the application we were using My Cloud for).
I looked in the manual (which does not say much about it other than that it can be set) and I searched this website where I could not fid anything on this password either.
Can anyone well me what the function of this password is?

Thanks for the clarification.

One function of the password option in the My Cloud User tab is to control access to Private Shares when accessing those shares on the local network. One also sets the level of permission (Full Access, Read Only access, No access) that user has with respect to a Private Share. That password generally has nothing to do with remote access/cloud access or the MyCloud.com web portal.

When one sets the password on the admin account it forces the admin to enter a password to access the My Cloud Dashboard.

With the My Cloud there are two sets of usernames and passwords. One for local network access, the other for the MyCloud.com web portal.

Thanks Bannor!
For my WD My Cloud device all users except me are remote users. I have only used remote access thus far. Testing WD Quick View, users for which local access passwords are set indeed need to log in (entering name and password) to access a share, but I did not see a method to log out other than PC shutdown. Is there another method to log out of Quick View accounts?

Don’t know as I don’t use Quick View. A computer restart will log the user out. But depending on the settings they might be automatically logged back in the next time they access the My Cloud from that computer. The User accounts are created via the My Cloud Dashboard not by Qick View. The User account login name and password are used for local network access to Private Shares and for FTP if one enables the FTP option in the My Cloud Dashboard.

One could access the Windows Credentials Manager and clear any entries for the My Cloud there.

To gain a better understanding of how the My Cloud operates and it’s features/options it is usually recommended one read the My Cloud User Manual if they haven’t done so already.


The single bay My Cloud units are entry level Network Attached Storage devices with limited features. this includes limited features with respect to controlling user access. They are not intended for a business environment where one may need more control over how and when users can access the My Cloud.

Unfortunately the user manuals listed in the above link do not go into enough detail to answer these questions.
Local passwords would prevent unauthorized access within the local network.

Thanks Bennor!