A question about passwords

Hello everyone,

I’m working on setting up my My Cloud and have a question about passwords.  I followed the setup video found at the My Cloud Learning Center, entered my email address during setup, got the My Cloud invite email, and registered for mycloud.com.  This created the normal file structure on my MC: Eric (name I used during setup, admin), Public, etc.  When I open the My Cloud Dashboard and look at the Eric entry under Users, the use password option is turned off.  My question is, what is that Dashboard password option for, and how does it differ from the password I entered when I registered for mycloud.com?



the mycloud.com login is for remote access to your mycloud as the user you entered the email for. the one in the dashboard is for the users access to non public shares locally or remotely

So if I turn on the password option for me in the Dashboard, then I will have to enter that password if I try to access a different user’s non-public share?  Shouldn’t the non-public share control the password, not a separate user?

I think I’m starting to understand this more, and I’ve learned a little about how Windows handles access credentials which was also confusing the situation.

It still seems odd how the MC handles passwords.  If you have more than one user, and one of those useres does not have a password than the drive really isn’t secure.  All someone has to know is who the one user is that doens’t have a password and always use that user to access the drive.  It seems like it would be better to have the shares themselves have optional passwords.

ericmtnbkr wrote:

 It seems like it would be better to have the shares themselves have optional passwords. 

If you want to keep it secure, don’t allow non-passworded users to have access to the shares.

Simple as that.

each non-public share will have access for 1 or more users and the access can be read write or read only

If you want to have a user without a password (not that I recommend this) I would give them write access to a single share if any write access at all, you could grant them read access to any share(s) you want them to be able to look at

also remember that a single windows user can only connect as a single user to a remote computer (mycloud) at a time so if user Z needs access to share A & B on the mycloud Z needs to be granted access to share A & B. you also need to connect to a non-public share 1st