What if I need a replacement PSU for a DL4100?

This is a good question. I searched the model number on eBay and could not find the model number. So, from where does one find a PSU for the DL4100 that provides the necessary Volts and Amps and also has the right plug to fit in the back of the NAS?

Hi, you should be able to get that PSU from WD Tech Support if you need one, but outside of WD, I really have no idea.

Maybe someone knows a compatible and reliable PSU with the right plug as a substitute for the officially supplied PSU?


The plug is coded to the 19 Volt and 4.74 A - all plugs of external power supplies are bound to the output voltage and ampere level.

Wow! £50 (fifty) pounds? I purchased a replacement PSU for my laptop for just under £20. Still, thank-you for that link.