EX2 Ultra 8TB Drives

In a review that I had read it stated that in order to use the EX2 Ultra with 8TB drives you need a larger power supply. But I cannot find anything about this in any documentation from Western Digital.

Does anybody have any information about this?

WD Staff?

Nevermind. It comes with the larger power supply.


Good to know you were able to find out, hope this helps out other user con the community.

I believe I was wrong about the power supply. I believe that I misread it.

What is the wattage on the Ultra.

I ask as the DL4100 cames with 19 Volt 90 watts ( 4.7 amps ) power brick
BUT the current support replacement is 120 watts and was out of stock

I was having random power errors with the 90 watt brick when all 4 (4 TB) came out of sleep mode
and I was using a UPS and problem ended when I used a 120 watt brick.

Many high end large laptops use a good 120 watt power brick (19 Volts) and have the same power connector plug. ASUS come to mind and cost about $50 US

The power brick that comes with it is 12volt 1.4amp 36 watt.

Support said I need a 12volt 4amp 48 watt power supply.
I was told to “go to Best Buy or somewhere & buy one.”