Power supply for PR4100

Hi, I have been the owner of a PR4100 for a few years and my power supply has died. My issue is that I have been unable to source a replacement in the uk as WD do not supply replacement power packs. Does anyone have any idea where I can reliably source one from please?

Thanks Dom

Check out the power output rating on the current one you have then search the web for something with the same rating… might even be cheaper!

this is also a common computer lap top power supply

I am using a pair of Dell PA-4E power supplies. They are rated at 19.5V 6.7A which is more than plenty than the 4.74A the OEM supply is rated. The two are more than enough, I like the redundancy. The Dell DC plug is size, pin and polarity compatible. I inherited the PR4100 diskless and w/o a power supply. Works like a champ now. I just moved on from 15 years in electronic recycling so those power supplies were another found treasure. I have been running the Dell supplies for over two years now, so they are a viable alternative.