Power Supply Unit for WD PR4100

Good day.
In specification written that WD PR4100 has two plugs for power supply units.
Does in mean that it’s possible to buy additional (second) power supply unit and use both simultaneously (at the same time)?
If “yes” that this will make work more reliable.

Thanks in advance

Hello YuriS,

Second power plug of power supply, would be a backup of first plug i.e. if first plug is not working or get damaged then power adapter will connect to a second power plug.

about the 2nd power supply… I seem to remember that if you have more than 4 - 6TB drives you would need to have the second power supply. However, I can not seem to find it again.
The additional power draw for more than 24TB would seem consistent with bigger drives requirements.
Did anyone else find this… this might be why some have had large volume hard drive failures…