What generation is my WDTV? (WD TV HD VER 1.01.020)

I’ve been trying to find the firm update for my WD TV. I can’t see the model number on the sticker, but from the device itself, it says I have this: WD TV HD VER 1.01.020

What generation is this and where can I download the latest firmware?

It is not possible to properly identify the device with that information. Double-check the sticker; the model number should start with “WD”.

The sticker is scratched. All I see is WDA and some 0’s near the end of it. I have the serial number: [Deleted]. There is no other way to find out?

i’ll bet it’s a GEN1 (Firmware Release Notes)


So no updates for this version I take it? I haven’t been able to find anything using that particular ver number.

Correct … that’s what a “Legacy Product” is … aka “Discontinued” [a long time ago in fact]

It came out in 2008 and got replaced by the WDTV Live’s a year later

The “Gen1” is a Dead Product … but i managed to find the last firmware available for it (1.03.01) via a gOOgle search (click “support.wdc.com” below to download it if you want)


WDTV Wiki for a “History of WDTV’s”