What are the Max USB connections for EX2


I am considering purchasing this NAS and am wondering how many USB drives can be connected via HUB?

I have a MyCloud NAS already and the maximum is 7.  I am wondering since there are two usb ports, can I hub both of those and get 14?

My second question would be: if I partiion an external 2TB drive to 1TB partitions, do both the partitions get read by the NAS?  For example, I partition a 2TB drive to HomeMovies and Music.  Can I set 2 logical partitions on the NAS and map windows to \NAS\Music and \NAS\HomeMovies?

Please let me know if these questions are not clear.



All I can say is I have seen people trying to use a USB hub fail to get their device to recognize beyond one drive on their USB hub. I don’t have an USB hub so I don’t know for sure - but the anecdotal evidence I have seen on this board tends to suggest that you can only have one drive per USB port. I don’t know for sure if that is indeed the case. I only have one drive per USB port for a total of two drivesand for me that’s what works. So be forewarned about USB hub-connected drives. It might work - but chances are it might only give access to one drive per hub.

Thanks for the response.

I tried out the partitioning, and both partitions appeared separately in the NAS share, on MyCloud NAS. 

This eliminates the need for the additional USB hub, as a larger drive can be partitioned and then setup as separate shares on the MyCloud NAS. I probably won’t pick up an EX2 as this is a great alternative solution.

Just wanted to post a follow up for anyone else who might be interested. 

Thanks for posting your partition info…this could be useful to me in future…and possibly to others as well. Appreciate your taking the time to share it here.