Western Digital My Book 3.0 HD Failure?

(Computer: Windows 7 Home Edition 64-Bit) This is sort of my last option before I ship the thing off for the RMA, so I’m hoping you guys can help me out.

I’ve read the faq regarding what you should do if the disk no longer shows up in My Computer, however, none of them seem to relate to my specific issue. It started yesterday, on a 3.0 3TB Hard Disk I bought in December. Prior to this, the hard drive was working fine, and it randomly stopped while I was in the middle of a class (I left it on to download something).

Now, when I plug it in, it plays that plugged in device noise twice, and attempts to Install 3 Drivers, two of which is fails on. I cannot pull up the new device installation thing, but it succeeds instantly in installing the USB Storage driver, and fails on one that’s called something like My Book 1130 USB Driver (When it fails on this, the name reverts to “disk driver,” which my computer thinks is running fine), and the My Book 1130 SES driver (Which I don’t particularly care about, since I don’t use the security, but my computer thinks that’s the issue).

It doesn’t show up in My Computer, but the drive itself shows up under “Devices and Printers.” I can’t access the disk through Disk Management either.

I’ve already attempted unplugging the drive and a few other things, but I’m rather out of luck otherwise. I’d rather not send off for an RMA, since I doubt WD would bother to transfer the data, so I’m asking here before I go do that.

EDIT: The drive doesn’t even activate when I plug it into other computers, and it won’t activate when I try to use Linux on the same computer.

EDIT2: Well, now it thinks all 3 drivers are fine for some reason, but the drive won’t show up. It’s looking more and more like a failure. It’s also making this odd clicking sound every once in a while, so…

Clicking sound?  not good. You can try using a different power adapter. See if the drive still clicking without the USB cable connected. 

About the drivers, this drive is plug and play, therefore if is not installing it means something failed. It could be the cable or the drive itself.

You can get more info here on what to do if the drive is  clicking.

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Great… the clicking keeps happening when I turn it on unplugged. The article wasn’t specific, but I can guess this means the drive itself is faulty, right?

That’s right, you’ll need to replace the drive if this is the case.