I have a my book 3.0 that has decided to stop loading. any help from anyone? western digital.HELP!

i have a hard drive my book 3.0 that was working fine then now it is half full it has decided to stop working. it is connecting and will show it is connected but it wont initialise. i have rebooted pc. i have re-downloaded the driver. i have even had microsoft work on it to fix the problem. all has not worked. dont want to lose the data but was over it and downloaded the delete program from western digital site and it wont even delete it as says that an error occured. when trying to get it to load before it was showing an error #31.

it is not cheap to buy and is only a month or two old and it will annoy me even more if i can not even delete it all and start again. i had a seagate that did the same sort of thing, never stopped running it down and would never use one again. have always said to friends to get wd drives.

so any help to either get it working in some way would be greatly appreciated.

if western digital can help it would be very good as being their product that would be very much appreciated and they can contact me at my email jxl.clark@gmail.com and we can try to work out a way we can get this problem fixed.

i was very surprised and greatful to the help that microsoft put in (3 hours) to help me fix this problem. just sorry we could not get it working. or deleted.

i have tried to load it on two computers and the tv as use to work on all three. but not now. i have even tried to change the power cord and the usb cord but still no change.

look forward to getting a response. i dont know how it works here if i have to log back in here to find my answer to my question or not.

wd can reply to my email if can.


Hello Bartman,

Please note that the WD Community is a user to user community to share their experience not a direct support venue for Western Digital.

For us as moderators, we try to offer guidance to the users. In cases like yours that you tried multiple things, will be better if you reach WD support directly.

WD Contact info: