Driver error or cable? stumped

My WD Mybook 3TB suddenly doesn’t work. At first I couldn’t read a file that I was trying to copy to disk, now my computer can’t “see” the drive. My settings shows the drive but just says “Driver error” I clicked “remove drive” (the only choice given) figuring that when I rebooted windows would reinstall the driver. Now I can’t see it at all and the device manager doesn’t show the drive. Also, when I hook up the usb cable to the My Book, the tone sometime sounds more than once like it could be disconnecting. Any ideas? Using Windows 10

Hello there,

Have you tried checking if using a different USB cable or port helps? Also try to see if you are connecting the drive on a power surge protector, if this is correct then try to connect it directly to the wall, and also on a different computer.

Waiting on a new cable I ordered. Don’t know why it would suddenly go bad, been using it for 6 months. Will try other suggestions, but don’t have 2 computers. Thanks.

I now can see the external drive listed in explorer and in the device manager, which says that it is working properly. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, but now I get a message saying the it must be formatted to be used. There are about 20 bluray movies on the disc and I have been using it for 6 months, so I don’t understand that. When I click NO on fromatting the disc, I get another message:
Are there any diagnostics I can use. I’d hate to lose those movies and trash a 3TB drive. Any ideas anyone?