My Book 3.0

I am having a problem with my book 3.0.I had done a firmwire update and now the thing wont come on.I plug it in the wall and then I plug the usb in.I press the button but it does not want to come on…Is there a way I can fix it without losing data.This is my second drive that has had issues with.I have to send my other drive back and now the one I backed all my stuff on from that drive does not come on.

No power is going to it looks like.I press the button and nothing happens.No light no sound no vibration.No nothing.I dont have a clue whats going on with it.I dont want to send it in since I will be losing all of my data that i had on it.I will not buy any western digital drive again.I have had to many problems with themThey last about 3 months then they die.My pc had crashed and i put all my files on this drive and now they are lost forever I guess since western digital does not fix hard drive they just want u to turn em in and lose all your data.

I dont know where to turn to get this thing fixed.There is no power going to it I dont feel like.I dont here anything or see the light.It looks like it would when there is no cables hooked to it.I dont have a clue whats wrong with this thing.It might be the firewire update might of screwed it up.When I get another drives I wont download another firmwire.

Dude, try to open the case and see if the physical drive inside is still working and holding the data. As a precaution for next time, no matter the brand, ALWAYS keep a backup of your data.