Webdav without wd2go

I want to be able to access my mybooklive using webdav without having to go through wd2go. 

How can I do this?

Xbmc has webdav client support so if I can get the webdav working, I can use it to view photos/video remotely without having to log in to wd2go everytime (and I can view .m2ts files on android devices which I could never get to work before).  I got it set up with sftp (as it supports sftp too) but the connection was too slow.  Searching through an xbmc forum, they said webdav would work better.


I think barracuda drive may be the answer to setting up a webdav.  I’m going to do that unless anyone else has any better suggestions.  I thought MBL was already a webdav server on it’s own though so thought there might be a simpler solution.


Have you been able to make progress on this?

I’m also trying to use WebDav with XMBC.

  I have it working using ftp, but I still haven’t been able to create separate users with different permissions, so this is not a solution I’m very fond of.


No.  I gave up on remote xbmc. Couldn’t use webdav which I suspect would still have been too slow with my max 5 mbps WAN upload speed.   I also could never get the video thumbnail previews working remotely.

I decided to use flickr.com instead with it’s 1 TB free storage space.  It’s very far from  perfect. But then I’m not limited by my slow WAN upload speeds when viewing.  Sharing with others works way better with flickr too.   There’s file size limitations.  Uploading is the huge pain in the butt part though I did manage to get automatic upload to work indirectly (via laptop) using a couple different programs.

If you’re interested in the flickr option, read below.

I pinned the flickr webpage to my start menu in win 8 for quick access but if I delete history on internet explorer, I will still have to relog in the next time I access flickr.

I wish someone would create a package or something that allows us to automatically upload to flickr from our NAS directly.

Right now you have to do it indirectly with your laptop by using pickbackman (which costs money though not much).  Another free option is photosync.  Photosync will not do network folders (including NAS) or nested subfolders.  So to use the photosync program you need to have all the same files on your NAS on your laptop (which I do using allways sync and with my NAS setup as an sftp site so syncing can happen even in remote settings).  The portable hardcopy of all my files on my laptop is nice when I’m in areas with poor wifi.  But I use flickr when just carrying my phone with me or for my family members to view everything too (and easy to setup restrictrictions and share this way). 

You can’t upload .mts files using either pickbackman or photosync since flickr doesn’t officially support that filetype.  However you can manually upload .mts files using the  flickr stock uploader by tricking it with irfanview set as your default video program on your laptop.

I’d definitely test a couple folders out before using the above to upload all your files to flickr.

I also tried buying a buffalo linkstation single drive NAS as well since that NAS has auto upload to flickr.  But it really sucked and it only auto uploaded photos not video to flickr (when I tried it anyway - firmware upgrades may have changed things).  Zyxel makes a NAS that autouploads to flickr too but I didn’t try that one as it’s more expensive.  Synology supposedly makes the best NAS who’s programs are a lot better than WDs - but it’s expensive.