Alternative to WebDAV for remote access?


I have the Live 2TB and the WebDAV is causing all sorts of issues due to the 4.2GB file size restriction, so I was wondering if there was an alternative that can be used. Some files are in excess of 12GB and when I am at my girlfriends house we cannot watch some of the movies.

On the otherhand, is there an application that will stream from the MLB thus making the 4.2GB limit a non-issue?


for remote access, the other options are FTP, SSH/SCP/SFTP.

FTP is not secure but easier one to set.

Lots of applications to stream from MBL, from Windows media player, Itunes, VLC, GOM player, mx player, mobo player, etc etc. 

however, the biggest issue for remote streaming is the upload speed from the ISP where MBL is located. This is usually the culprint and not big enough to support remote streaming. I have 20 downs/5 ups. And would not dare to stream big files, music files are fine.

I have 20 Up which should work, but does this means a file bigger than WebDAV’s 4.2GB limit be streamed? Can’t say I am used to this WebDAV thing, all systems I use in my expertise are enterprise level internal networks. Think SAP sized databases etc which allow for no limitations.

20 up? Whao, find that hard to believe, you sure that is not your download speed? Remember, you are dealing with two locations:

MBL location: down/up    Example 20/5

Playing location down/up Example 20/5

From playing location you will be using 20 down speed while on MBL location is 5 up speed.

You ISP should provide the speed in the following format “down/up”. but yeah, could be possible.

Could be you are dealing with an enterprise and not a home connection.

Anyhow, all protocols I mentioned is without WebDav. 

It’s a home fibre connection. Both locations are 100 Down / 20 Up. Mbps that is, not MB/s.

I tried VLC as it is my default player and I kept erroring out and assumed it was due to the same 4.2GB limit for the copy/paste. Should have checked the error code, that is my fault for being lazy, it may just be a configuration issue then

NIce! :smiley:I am jealous! 

Anyhow, my $.02 cents… baby steps…

Start with simple small files and go from there… Keep testing until you find the breaking point.

Wow!  You’re a lucky man with those speeds.  Still I thought 30 up  was better for 1080p but I’m no expert.

You can set your mybooklive to act as an sftp server.  Then use xbmc to watch the videos. 

Another option is that after setting up the mybooklive as an sftp server, you can use the free netdrive program to automatically map/mount your mybook live every time your laptop is turned on.  This way, your mybooklive is a virtual hard drive everywhere you go.  So then you can access all your files not just videos with any program you have on your laptop just like if you had a flash drive or another hard drive mounted on your computer all the time.

The below options are both free unless your router forces you to use a DDNS from a company that isn’t free (you might be able to flash ddwrt on some routers to make it free but that’s more effort).

Note, do the below at your own risk.  Both options will void your mybooklive warranty.  And I don’t guarantee that even your fast speeds are fast enough to make things run smoothly.  Both options are difficult to set up so be prepared to spend some time and maybe not even be able to figure it out at all.  I got both to work, but my  speeds just weren’t fast enough unfortunately (pictures were fine, but video sucked). 

The netdrive option is easier as an FYI.  Though I LOVE xbmc, I couldn’t get the video thumbnail previews to work when using sftp (only through local SMB).  I’m sure there is a way - but I just couldn’t figure it out.

If you do decide to try either of these options, can you post back to let me know if you got things to work smoothly?  I have a friend who has higher internet speeds who’d be interested.  Also, if you end up getting video thumbnail previews to work remotely, PLEASE post instructions.  Good luck.


Here’s an instructions link for the sftp and netdrive option.  Note, scroll down to my (heehee62) post with 6 steps listed and follow those instructions except you should use port 22 (not 33).  Forget about the synbackfree program instructions.  You don’t need that for what you are doing (plus I’ve found allwaysync to be a better program for that use).


1.  Setup mybooklive as sftp server following the same instructions as in “sftp and netdrive” except don’t install the netdrive program.

2.  Install xbmc.  Click here for instructions on installing xbmc for whatever OS you have.  That program can actually do a lot more than view home videos.  Do a search on youtube if you want to learn more about it.

3.  Add your sftp site as a video source.  

  • Go to settings/file manager/add source. 
  • Type a name for your media source (i.e. mybooklive) in the line where a name is requested. 
  • Under “enter path or browse for media location”, click the “browse” option, then “add network location”. 
  • Change protocol to sftp and enter your sftp site info as needed.  Accept all that and your sftp source should have been added.
  • Click the home button to get make to the main menu
  • Go to videos/files/add video
  • You do pretty much the same thing as bullets 2 and 3 above. 
  • This time though, you’ll see your sftp site show up after you click the “browse” button. 
  • Select your sftp site as your path.  You should be able to play videos after that.
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