WebDav on MyBookLive

HI Everyone;

I’m looking for a tutorial how to set up WebDav on Myboook Live to share file over internet. If anyone here has it, Please post it here.

Thank you very much

Might be better for you to use WD2GO. The WebDAV environment is set-up to work with Western Digital’s remote access service.

Well WD2Go is way not convenient. Users have to log in the website using email in order to download file. I’m looking for something like local drive that I can copy and paste. Thanks for your response/

You can do this locally.

Say you have a file on the path **\\MyBookLive\MyShare\TextFile.txt**.  The URL to that is **http://MyBookLive/MyShare/TextFile.txt**.  With the current firmware security is enforced.  I don’t have a clue how you would obtain a directory contents listing using WebDAV.  Something I’ve not looked into.

Thank you. I guest that’s the only solution for the time being. By the way, I find a tutorial but no knowledge about linux. If someone else would like to give it a try, please post your result here.


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Incidentally, the way WD 2go works is that you log in to http://www.wd2go.com/ from any Windows PC and then a share gets mounted as a local drive letter that you can copy and paste from.  So it’s basically what you’re looking to do, except the setup and configuration is taken care of automatically as long as you have Java installed.

It’s safe and secure, plus you don’t have to worry about your ISP’s dynamic IP addresses changing, or port forwarding, or anything else.

Hi Nathan_H,

Everything that you’ve metioned here is fine.

But what shall Linux users do in order to access their drives remotely?



WD2Go is wayyyyy too slow. Need to access WebDAV directly on the unit. It is enabled obviously but do you access/authenticate to it directly?

WD2go uses WebDAV, so not sure this is going to solve your issue if you think it is going to be faster creating your own webDAV service.

I meant wd2go.com is slow when connected that way. No matter, figured it out.

  1. Create a new user on your MBL with a password (e.g. Tony)

  2. Create a Private share and assign the new user to it (e.g. TonyShare)

  3. Go to https://your_ip_address/new_share (e.g.

  4. You should get a logon prompt. Use the logon credentials you created in step 1 (Tony)

  5. Success!

Now just setup a port forward of port 443 on your router to the ip of your MBL and it will be accessible from the web by accessing https://external_ip_of_router/new_share

Some notes here:

The original user I created when I first setup the My Book Live could not authenticate to the share via WebDAV. I checked under the hood and seems that user  had “no” beside it in the apache_userlist system file in the auth folder. All other users said “yes”. I’m not going to change this manually in the system file as it may be dependent on other settings. I’ll just use the new user account for this purpose.

Since this is Linux under the hood; share names, user names and passwords are ALL case sensitive.

Viewing directory contents in a web browser is disabled by default so access the share via Web Folders in Windows, command-K on a Mac or from within an app on the iPad that supports WebDAV (PDF Expert is my favourite but the iWork apps work too)