Remote access: Webdav without using browser and to launch java app

Hi, Has anyone been able to make a Webdav connection to your MBL without having to login and access via a web browser?

Ideally I would like to be able to access my MBL in a similar way to dropbox, where it always appears as a local folder or mapped drive no matter where I am.  If I could make a webdav connection from within finder (Im a Mac OSX user) this would be fine.

WD have provided an excellent means to access data from mobile devices with miniam steps and passwords to enter each time, however the means to access data remotely from a laptop is not something people would use in its current form.  Are there any plans to improve this? 

well, I have no idea about webdav, but if you do some research there are plenty of options, which allow you to access the files remotely. Big tip: MBL runs Debian Lenny OS.

These are some I can think of, some are for advanced users while others are a bit easier. Happy reading!!!

Thanks I will give BarracudaDrive a try.   Would be nice if WD came out with a supported solution for this - one that isnt going to break upon future firmware updates etc and be home user friendly to setup and administer.