BarracudaDrive Cloud Server for MBL

Here is an interesting program for the MBL. I tried it out and it works pretty well. The only downside is that you can’t access the Dashboard while the server is running, but that is easily remedied by running a single command from PuTTY or Terminal to enable or disable the server. The program also installs by entering a single line in PuTTY or Terminal after you setup a specific user and share from the dashboard.


Nice, thanks for sharing. 

Thanks for sharing!

I knew already the page you are pointing to, but I was wondering… so I take the chance to ask some questions:

  • which is best between BarracudaDrive and OwnCloud? (besides the server in itself, one should take into account also the clients available for desktop, smartphone or tablet)

  • I have to deal daily with very sensitive private data, this is why I bought MBL, which advertized a “personal cloud” which it does not deliver… how secure is BarracudaDrive (does it offer HTTPS access? that is, does it have windows certification)

  • I often deal with MS Office documents, so I would like to have a smooth, Skydrive-like, access to my files… I have experienced several issues with in terms of performance (besides the impossibility of opening MS Office files directly into Office for second authentication layer - already solved - I noticed that the File Explorer often hangs when reading the contents of a folder in the remote MBL…). I believe, but I might be wrong, this is mainly because Windows does not handle well WebDAV… I see on the BarracudaDrive that it works with WebDAV: does this create problems accessing folders on a Desktop? (I do not have problems accessing files with WD2go app on my Windows Phone)

I would really be thankful if you would spend five minutes to enlighten me on these questions.

Keep up the good job!

Hi Nico, some of these questions are answered on the website but I will try to answer your questions based on my testing as soon as my back starts to get feeling a little better and I can get back at my desktop. I haven’t used either server the way they are really intended to be used (outside your lan) because I am a stay at home dad out of work due to a disability so it is near impossible for me to try these programs outside my LAN. I can try to see how webdav clients work on both servers from my iphone though as soon as I can get the servers setup properly.

If anybody else has tried either this program or OwnCloud and could share your experiences with us, we would be most appreciative…

I will get back to you as soon as I get to feeling better Nico

great, thanks!

really hope someone else could share their experiences… MBL has so much potential, and it is a pity to use and pay cloud services with this tool in one’s hands…

best wishes for a fast recovery!

In response to:

The only downside is that you can’t access the Dashboard while the server is running

Are you sure you configured BarracudaDrive as instructed?

BarracudaDrive includes a reverse proxy app for the original Dashboard so you should be able to access this via BarracudaDrive. The Dashboard should be accessible at the original Dashboard URL.

I tinkered with it quickly but when my back get’s better I will be sure to report back. I know when I clicked the button on the barracuda dashboard to go to the original dashboard it didn’t work, but that could very well be my fault.

Are you a DEV for the app by chance?

Could you answer any of nico’s questions?

BarracudaDrive includes a secure WebDAV server that lets you open documents directly in Microsoft Word as explained on the following blog post:

Microsoft Word has its own integrated WebDAV client that seems to work well; however, the WebDAV client integrated in the Windows file system is not reliable. You can find many third party Windows WebDAV clients such as the following:

One cannot have two services on the same port number on the same network card so the BarracudaDrive MBL installation script reconfigures Apache to listen only on the loopback adapter. The BarracudaDrive server is configured to listen on the network adapter. In other words, both servers listen on port 80, but on different network adapters. The BarracudaDrive MBL version includes a reverse proxy application that enables you to reach the Apache server listening on the loopback adapter, thus your MBL Dashboard should be accessible using the default URL. The reverse proxy also adds a more advanced form of protection so you can have your Dashboard accessible securely from outside your LAN. BarracudaDrive translates HTTPS connections to HTTP connections when proxying the Dashboard communication.

As for speed, BarracudaDrive is much faster than Apache. BarracudaDrive can respond with 45,000 dynamic page requests in the same time that Apache outputs 25,000 static pages - that’s a 60% faster response with more compute-intensive paging. See the following page for the benchmarking results:

OwnCloud is internally using PHP, and PHP responses are much slower than static page responses in Apache. What this means is that the speed differences are even greater than explained above.

It’s nice to see official staff in here answering questions :slight_smile: If you guys have any questions, fire away while you can

After installing BarracudaDrive I could not access via mybooklive/UI/ as I should according to the instructions. The installation was OK and I could check by ftp that there were files in the /bd/ share. 

So I thought this was an error. How can I use the BarracudaDrive if I can not access it? 

I finally got the BarracudaDrive going. However, I could not used WDPhotos or WD2Go. 

Hello rollanders,

I’m experiencing exactly the same issue that you reported, after I’ve updated MBL to the latest firmware version 02.43.03-022

Can you tell us please how you managed to fix it?


ok, so what exactly barracudaDrive doing? can you say me a list of good things of barracuda? sorry bad englisg ;/

Put in simple terms: you can create your own personal inexpensive cloud server.

Having a multiuser filesystem that you acces remotely through the internet from anywhere in the world.

Upload files through a browser with drag&drop.

Running your own website, blog and forum.

Using secure encrypted internet tunnel access.

Remotely access your computers/devices on your network using the BarracudaDrive as a gateway.


I’m intrested that my iPhone would upload automaticly all photos and videos to my MY BOOK LIVE ,like with DROPBOX