My Book Live - links to files

I have been using WD2go app to generate links to the files in MBL before sharing with my friends

The link looks like this:$#@$%^$^%

Is there a way to do this without using the app? Be nice if I can do this via Windows.

As I share the folder contents via email, I was thinking another way would be to create a private share for my friends. With a Standard ID and password.

Can they login and see/download the photos via links in an email? No edit only read.

not by default and/or easily…

 Be aware, depending on the option you select, it might void your warranty.

First, these NAS devices have Debian Lenny distribution, so LOTS of options out there. However, due to it, Linux experience and/or willingness to learn/research/test/etc is necessary.  In a nutshell, this would be necessary:

  • Access MBL via SSH

  • Create a web server/site, add your content

  • Access from the internet such as port forwarding and DDNS

If still interested, do the above steps one at a time, baby steps.

and last, I am not a Linux expert nor I have ever done this!!!   

I can, however, point you to a place with lots of info:

Pay attention to “Others tools specific to MyBook Live”.

Other options mentioned on this forum…

Beautiful Directory Listing for Apache File Server Sharing Public Folder

BarracudaDrive Cloud Server for MBL

Installing OwnCloud Server on My Book Live

hi there, thanks alot of your inputs.

i realised the MBL is a great device but of not much use outside e home? we can add private users but cant really share folders with other people via email like how dropbox does. at least not easily.

The development team could work towards a more user friendly experience.