Webaccess VIA IP and mapping on ubuntu

I just bought a new Mycloud Home 4Tb.
I can access it with browser on home.mycloud.com
and via the app.
unfortunately there is no app for Ubuntu linux.
So i want to map the drive on my laptop.
Ajnd i want to change the settings of the NAS using webaccess local (via IP address).
I know the IP address but it cannot be accessed.
Can anyone help me here?

Thanks a lot.

@Hermandejongh Have you visited the Learning Center? Have you checked the Knowledge Base?

Hello @Hermandejongh and @cat0w
@Hermandejongh, if you know ip address of your MCH, open explorer and tape \\Public (replace by your ip address) and enter. if login and password is required, it’s your windows logging informations not your mycloud account informations.

You are welcome.