WDTVLiveHub over multiple vlan/ diffrent network range

i just bought a new router for reasons i cannot really discuss i separated my lan in difrent segments and ip networks

suffice to say being separated is easyer than machine by machine for managing my firewall. i just need to put the port in the right “vlan” or segment instead of just doing an intire setup port by port.

now  my WDTV is in is it possible to “statically” add media servers (dlna) in the WDTV ?

i can add them because of the dlna servers will be fixed IP addresses ( dynamically assigned tho but always the same)

when i change the subnet mask it dosent seam to look for the servers in other ranges :-(  so it only looks for or somthing . dlna servers would be in and ( for example)  so WDTV would have to look for them in a diffrent subnet.

Nope… The WD requires all servers to be in the same subnet.