Accessing WD TV Live hub from my WD TV Live

Hey guys! 

Awesome community. Its been very helpful for me in setting up my many WD devices. This is my first post!

However i have a problem at my parents house. I cant seem to access the media on their WD TV Live Hub from their WD TV Live

Okay, so the setup is as follows:

There are 3 floors. On the 1st floor you find the adsl, which is connected to the 1st router. The router is connected to the powerline. On the 3rd floor, there is another router, which gets its internet from another powerline - there is therefore a unified single wirelessnetwork. On the 3rd floor is where the WD TV Live Hub is. This is connected wired to the router and the internet as well as mediasharing works fine. I can go on Picasa and see the media on the WD TV Live Hub from my computers. On the 2nd floor is where i have placed the WD TV Live. This is connected wirelessly to the network and the internet connection works fine. However nothing happens when i try to open “network shares” or “media servers”

So i hope that all made sense. I really hope you guys can help me! 

Sounds like a very kludgy network setup.

If you have more than one router, they all need to be on the same SUBNET.   

If you’re using the WAN port of Router 2 (3rd floor) to connect to the powerline adapter, that will cause problems.  You need to use the LAN port so they’re all on the same subnet / broadcast network.

I’d love to make it less kludgy. But its a big house and the internet has never worked better than it does now :slight_smile:

They are all on the same subnet and obviously i use the LAN port.

I think the problem may lie with the WD TV Live. From my MAC, i can access the WD TV Live Hub from every floor with no problem. I even have an xbox on the 1st floor connected wirelessly and it can access the WD TV Live Hub 

Not finding SAMBA shares is one thing.    But not being able to see the MEDIA SERVERs is a whole different thing; DLNA uses a much more reliable discovery mechanism. 

Go into the TWONKY Web Page of the Hub, and look at the media receivers list.   Does the MAC address / IP address of the WDTV appear in that list?   If so, make sure that entry is CHECKED.

If it NOT, then it still seems to point to a network issue of some sort;  the WDTV isn’t able to register with Twonky via the network discovery process.

As you can see in this screen-shot, I have three WDTV Live’s registered to my Hub’s Twonky server.


Hmm the WD TV Live doesnt show on the twonky. what to do?