WDTVLiveHub creating Source I.P. Address Violation with Verizon HomeFusion

I am a fairly new user of Verizon’s HomeFusion service - but have had connectivity issues.  We went through extensive troubleshooting and almost came to the point of terminating the service.  My issue was that every 50 minutes the connection would fail, a new I.P. address would be assigned and reconnect.  This would only take about a second or two but would play havok with webinars and Virtual Desktop connections.  Verizon’s Network Troubleshooting team got involved and using detailed logs from my system as well as a network trace on their end found the problem - A source I.P. address Violation.  It appears that a device with a network address of ( A non-routable I.P. address but not part of my internal address range of  was connecting through the system to an external I.P. address of  Since the I.P. address was not part of the source I.P. address range supported by my router it terminated the connection.  This is for security purposes.

I gave my home PC a static I.P. address in the same range as the rogue device and ran an I.P. scan. 

It found the WDTVLive Hub!

I disconnected the wired connection of the TVLiveHub and the 50 minute disconnects stopped. I re-connfigured the network connection and tried again. No issues at all with it renewing the address that it uses.  I verified the connection and the ability to access external sites and waited. The failures started back up. Every 50 minutes like clock-work.  It appears that the device has two I.P. addresses - one in the assigned range and a 2nd of it’s own making.    I then disabled the Mobile Access Option and the problem disappeared. 

My request of WDC is that they provide a firmware update that uses the static or DHCP assigned I.P. address for all network activity to external sites.   This will allow me to reconnect the Mobile Access Option. 

I will be posting this same information on the Verizon Social Community site so that other HomeFusion users can either avoid the WDTVLiveHub or disable the Mobile Access Option.

You can try to suggest this on the ideas board.