WD TV Live - Unable to connect to the selected source


i get this error on my wdtv in the lounge when i connect to my nsa325

i however dont get this error on the wdtv in the bedroom, both bought from the same shop on the same day!

all settings are the same, but because of the nsa being a narky bit of kit, they have forced ip’s (defined i should say, as opposed to letting the hub sort it out)

i know there’s not much to go on, but hey, thats the message ive been given!

Did you change the name on one of the WD’s?  You need to, since they have the same name by default.

yeah, they are named as wdtvlounge and wdtvbedroom, static ips, all settings the same.

the only difference is that the bedroom connects via wifi and the lounge connects by cable,

im going to swap them over and see if theres a setting ive missed, or maybe the static ip ive set is causing an issue,

I once had issues with this and deleted all network info on my router (each device got assigned a recurring DHCP address due to name or MAC) then renamed the disconnected WDTVs and attached them one after the other and it worked. Maybe your Zyxel has some device settings stored that you need to purge too.