Ip address issues with wd tv device - networking fix

Hi all,

I just bought a wd tv live device last week and had no end of problems trying to connect it not only to the net, but to my network as well.

I found the issue was that it was already assigned an ip address straight out of the box, and was unable to ‘automatically’ figure out my connections. I had to enter the ip address, dns and gateway etc, manually which is a pain in butt!!

The problem is, im sure if the device needs resetting, I will have to go back and enter all of hese details in AGAIN!!!

Not happy WD!!

I think the only reason of that could be that your ISP or router doesn’t support a DHCP service that assigns the ip and other network settings automaticaly. My WD TV recieves all the settings from router with no problem.

I agree.   What is the IP address you say it already had on it?   If it started with 169, then DHCP didn’t work.

i had the same problem. Im using the latest released firmware, 1.01.24.

with dlink di-524 router and dlink dwa-125 wifi adapter.

i’m using wpa/tkip ('cause the Nintendo Wii, it doesnt support wpa2), but the WDTV does not obtain IP. I’ve got message “WPA retry failed”, whatever it means. I’ve tried with automatic and manual settings too,

I disabled the encryption, and the WDTV get connected at  the first try. i think, i would try the beta firmware…