WDTV, Windows 10 and access via network share name or IP

My search-fu has failed… so I apologize in advance if I’m simply missing the solution among the posts.

I’ve seen many, many posts where WDTV owners have issues connecting from the unit to a Windows 10 workstation acting as a media server with shares. Most of these deal with a home network and workgroup as well. My issue is the reverse: connecting from my PC to the WDTV on a domain.

Since upgrading to Windows 10, my WDTV is inaccessible via network share (\WDTV_name). I can easily access it from Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2012 systems. All of my devices are on the same domain and the subnets/security/firewall etc have not changed. I can successfully ping the device but can’t connect via name or IP. The web interface loads successfully through a browser. RPC and TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper are up and running. Disabled firewall and SEP with no change in behavior.

Any suggestions? What simple solution am I most likely missing?

Hello, have you tried resetting the WD TV? Also, have you checked that the UPnP service is running on your computer/

My apologies for reviving this old thread. Priorities change too dramatically and too frequently sometimes…

I’ve reset the WD TV several times with no change in behavior. UPnP is running on my Win 10 PC as well.
It’s something on the Win 10 system but for the life of me I can’t figure what, exactly.
It could be that it is simply not going to work. Fortunately I have several systems from which I can access the WD TV share. Inconvenient sometimes but at least it’s an option.