Wd media player and window 10

I just upgrade window 10 and can not find local data through WD TV Live

When try to reinstall the Program it shows as

No network devices were discovered …

do you have any solution???

Lots of us having the same problem. It works off and on…

Same issue. I have tried everything possible, reset everything. Made new sahres… I even bought a new WDTV thinking my WDTVLive might be worn out (acting strange anyhow lately) No help. I can boot to Windows 7 and everything works perfectly. Just not with Windows 10…

I have the same problem… install Windows 10 (with updates) and WDTV doesn’t connect or see the shared files.  Uninstall Windows 10 and reinstall 8.1 then no problems… good as new.  I’ve done this several times and still had to reinstall Windows 8.1 in order to use eight of my WDTV devices. … Help… !!!

Are they not compatable to Windows 10 and if so when is the update going to be released so that they are compatable !!!

I like my WDTV and use it to view movies from my computer system… but can’t now.

Luckily I have two hard drives one with win 10 and one with win7 I have to boot to 7 to use my saved folder library! Annoying… Hopefully someone there will acknowledge this and there will be a fix soon!

Why are WD not answering or acting like they comprehend what is being said? No shares list in wdtv since windows 10 upgrade. I see people say you dont support win 10 but you do realize about the whole world being upgraded right? Its been a few weeks and I have not seen on answer that makes me think anyone is getting the issue or wd is listening or doing anything about it? Are customer not important?