WDTV Live not loading

My WDTV Live has started having a problem. When I turn it on I get the “WD LIVE…” logo screen. Then the tv will go black for about 60 seconds. I will then get a “WD Loading” screen for about 3 seconds then the screen goes black and WDTV Live won’t do anything else. I don’t get a menu screen, nothing. If I then turn it on and off I won’t get anything displayed on the tv screen unless I push the reset button which merely starts this whole cycle over again.

Unit work fine for a few days and now this. Any ideas?

When the screen gets black it’s doing a handshake with your TV which can take a while. In some cases that won’t even work so you’d have to connect to another TV and manually set to a lower size/resolution.

I have same problem…

WDtv live stop play and no boot again. Dead, dead…

Some help? I’m noob…

Thanq you.


I don’t think the problem is related to the TV. I’ve been using WD tv live for years without any loading problems with the same tv. I use it daily with external storage and also use some of the online services. This morning the loading page keeps cycling beetween the “connecting to network” page and a blank screen over and over again, just as it was described above. I disconnected the unit from power but nothing changed after. I tried pushing the home button and the home screen actually came up, however it goes blank just as soon as I push any further buttons. I’m  unable to get to setup or anything else. I don’t see any reset button on the unit itself. Right now the device is completely useless, I’m supposed to throw it away? If you can help with this please respond. Thank you!

Was there any change for you? I’m having the same problem all of a sudden. Could you get it working somehow, if yes,  please share.

Happy Update Folks! :smiley:

As I was checking the bottom of a unit for any further buttons I can push, all of a sudden the home screen popped up and this time it works! I have no idea why it did not work before, but turning the unit upside down did the trick. Relief!