WDTV Live not connecting to Slingmedia anymore

Hi all,

I have 2 WDTV Live, today I tried to use the Slingbox application after few weeks and on both the boxes it does not work anymore: they report “Unable to connect to the network… code:3” when logging in my Slingmedia account.

The access to network is ok for other applications. For the Login there should not be any port-forwarding problem AFAIK and there was no port-forwarding problems since few weeks ago last time i used it.

I tried to move from LAN to WI-FI, verified username and pswd… all ok…always the same problem.

Slinplayer on Mobile APP and PC works fine from the same network

Any suggestion why this “Network Problem” logging?




It’s not currently a problem that WD can assist with. It’s not any problems with your Slingbox, WD TV Streaming Media Player or even network. This situation has started to appear due to recent changes with SlingMedias website I could only imagine, I speculate. There most recent web changes have also affected the GS7 Streaming Media player and was resolved shortly after the problem started to appear. Thay are aware of the current situation, so no sweat. I can assure you they are working diligently to restore the application to normal functionality. Just hang tight.


Thanks a lot Polol,

strange  I did not find others reporting the same problem then.

It seems yours is not just speculation, did you read somewhere they are aware of this problem?


I have same issue as of Saturday 7/26 - error code 3.  However, I can connect to my remote Slingbox 350 just fine with my laptop or iPad.  I can also use the WD Live to play Netflix or other streaming services.  The issue just appeared yesterday on the WD Live.  

I use the WD Live SlingPlayer everyday to watch a remove slingbox and this has been working with no issues for the last 6 months.  My remote Slingbox is on Comcast network and the WD Live is on Cablevision.  

Anyone else having issues with same error code?  

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Thanks Apanek for your update, so it is quite recent… 

 Slingmedia Support page is reporting some problems, including the access to the Community to post problems…



Same issue with both of my Lives. Code 3 login failure. 

I can’t post on their support forum to even get the issue fixed

Same here.  

SlingPlayer on my WD TV Live has been working fine since I bought it 6 weeks ago, but suddenly from today (27 Jul, UK Time), it started giving me “Connection Lost : Unable to connect to Network.  Please check that your network connection is working properly.  Then try again. (code:3)” error message.

If I enter a completely wrong password, it still gives me the same error message (instead of something like “incorrect password”) so I am guessing the error occurs while it’s trying to connect to the Slingbox server to check the credentials, ie. way before it tries to connect to my SlingBox.  So it looks like there is nothing I can do at this moment but wait for someone to fix this issue, either at the SlingBox server end or an update to WD TV Live firmware.

I am hoping this issue will be sorted out soon.

Mine was doing the same thing earlier today.  Magically it started working again at about 8:00 central standard time.  I had done a search on here to find  a solution, so I thought I would reply back to let you all know mine started working again.  I didnt change any settings and didnt reboot anything.  So, it must have been something on slingboxes end.  


I am working now also. It appears Sling fix something on their side.

Told ya  ;) the rest of them will be up shortly.