SlingPlayer stopped working

All of a sudden, for no apparent reason,  I cannot log onto SlingPlayer through my WDTV. 

It says "Connection lost, Unable to connect to network.  Please check that your network connection is working properly.  Then try again. (Code 3). 

Note that the WDTV is connected to the router through WIFI and other services are working, so I know the connection is good.  The SlingBox account is good–right password, etc.  I can connect  to slingbox though my PC, and through the ROKU using an android device to get it onto the TV.  (The slingbox itself is 50 miles away)

Any thoughts as to why, all of a sudden, the WDTV portal does not work?  Thanks.


Have you tried rebooting and/or power cycling your WDTV?

Had the same problem. Opened port 5201 for my slingplayer and after I rebooted it, it worked and has been working ever since.