WDTVLive loses connection to slingbox, cannot access connection speed test

Anyone else having this issue?

WDTV Live running Slingbox app last for about 5 minutes. I have tested the connection on the ipad through the ipad app and on a pc and the connection never drops, Yet the second I put it on the WDTVLive box, it begins to skip out, drop frames and audio (even at it’s lowest picture quality). I have reset the slingbox by unplugging it and plugging it back in and I have done a factory reset on the WDTV Live box and issue continues. The wierdest thing is that I can’t access the connection speed test anymore, when I try and bring it up, the box says “connection lost”. Anyone have any ideas?


Are you using a wired or wireless connection?

Are you able to use the online services on the WDTV?

I have three WDTV Live Boxes connected to the Internet via a Netgear Nighthawk router.  I have two SlingBoxes in a remote location.

I am experiencing the exact same problem - after several minutes of playing SlingBox content, the WDTV Live boxes disconnect.  All three have the same problem.  Two are connected via wireless, and the third is a wired connection.  

I have reset and checked firmware for all devices.  I didn’t have this problem on any one device, the problem occured on all three WDTV Lives boxes simultaneously.

When I connect to the Slingboxes via a computer or tablet, I don’t have any problems.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Same problem here.

I have 2 WDTV and both can see teh slingbox, but cannot connect.

I have no issue on mobile or on my mac.

Both are hardwired.

I have a Slingbox 500. I have the same problem. Is WD working on this issue? I don’t see a resolution or comment from WD in the forum.  This problem arose after I updated the WDTV firmware. Can I get the older firmware back? I haven’t yet posted a review of this product on Amazon but if no answer is forthcoming I will give it one star.  My router has the Slingbox on a static IP. I am forwarding ports 5201 and 5001 for both UDP and TCP. My Slingbox is in a DMZ zone. I note many complaints on the nternet but no other solutions other than the above