WDTV Live Hub Transferring Files

Need help transferring files to my WDTV Live Hub. I am running Windows 10, connected to the Live Hub via ethernet cable. The device shows up under Network locations, but will not allow me to “Map” it or drag and drop to it. It appears to be read only. ![image|580x499]

. Any suggestions?

Have you looked at this?

I am not really trying to share files from PC to WD TV Live Hub. I was simply trying to drag and drop files. Are you suggesting that I “share” files instead of transferring?

No, Ron is suggesting you need to re-enable SMB1.0 on your Windows 10

Because the WDTV Live Hub uses SMB1.0 Networking Protocol for File Sharing AND File Transfer.

I agree with Ron, that this is the most likely cause and solution to your problem.

I love smart people! THANK YOU! This has been driving me crazy for over a year now! Problem solved!

Now all you have to worry about is Wannacry Ransomware that exploits vulnerabilities in SMB1.0 to encrypt your data … which is the whole reason why it was disabled in Windows 10 … just sayin, in case you don’t know :confused: