Manage content using windows

Hi all recently taken ownership of my dads live tv hub because he no longer uses it, when i was at home I used to manage the content on an old laptop using windows 7 however now im on windows 10 im no longer to view the internal tv hub hard drive as a folder only to log into the twonky server or the web UI. Is there a way to go back to the way i used to manage the content using windows?


first thing you gonna have to do is enable SMB1 in Windows 10 … because that’s the protocol the old WDTV devices use. (Windows 10 uses SMB2/3)

don’t ask me how … i’m still on Win 7. But if you search this forum or google then the answer will be there.

try searching phrases like “Map Network Drive” “Map WDTV Live Hub Drive” "Windows 10 re-enable SMB1)

Enabling SMB 1 fixed problem for me as well.