WDTV Live HUB Unable to Map drive in Win 10

I cannot map my Live hub without going to this Twonky mess. I need to have file/folder access to get my information. Any ideas? The Live hub shows up under my media section under the network.

The WDTV products depend on SMB1 protocol which is no longer supported in win10.

It can be enabled, though.


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Thank you for your assistance however I still can’t map the wdtv live hub. I turned on the SMB1 protocol as outlined in your link below. It only shows up under media and not storage.

Hmmm. Well, I haven’t used the WD TV products in years, so, unfortunately, I can’t help troubleshoot.

I’m currently working this problem has anyone been successful yet? On a side note I read elsewhere on here about android using the same protocol and have discovered that ES file explorer allows you to manage the files on the hard drive if you add the ip address into the network section of the app

After researching here I’ve enabled SMB1 in Windows 10 and now I can manage the hard drive using Windows explorer :grin:

Works a treat now, I’ve enabled SMB1 I’ve uploaded a screen shot of how to enable it for when you end up with Windows 10

Well, that’s what i advised when i replied to the post you created 2 days ago … and you never replied to “say thanks, I’ll give it try” :confused:

Sorry Joey yes you did I’m still getting to grips with the website on mobile chrome, thankyou for the suggestion i thought I’d replied to you on my post

there was no reply. anyways, no probs …glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:

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