WDTV LIve Hub and Thumbgen

I recently have the darklight theme. Thanks its great. I just cant seem to find out what Im doing wrong in thumbgen. I have followed directions and for some reason I am missing the imdb rating/movie rating/ (the type of file)/ resoltion etc. All there is a picture and a synopsis. I added the template to thumbgen tried all different types of scenarios and just cant get it to come up. I am running the latest firmware on the hub 3.07.14. I have a 2tb wd external hd connected to the hub with most of my media on it. I just know if there are any tips or help.  thanks.

I had exactly the same problem.  Firstly make sure your file structure is right on your hard drive.  I had a folder for Movie and a folder for TV Programs.  Within the Movie folders I had the genre (i.e Horror/Thriller/Drama etc) and put the movie files within in.  Within the TV Programs folder I had each individual tv series and within that folder the Season.  So for exaple for Supernatural my folder was set out like this:

C:\TV Programs\Supernatural\Season 1\

Make sure on thumgen you select for the new firmware when doing tv programs. 

One big thing that made a huge amount of difference was to not set it to “Automatic” or “I Feel Lucky” mode, as I found it did not get the moviesheet info required unless you do each and every episode/movie via “manual” or “Semi-Automatic” mode which is very time consuming.  I selected whole tv shows and set it to “semi-automatic” and left it running as it will wait 10 sec one each one to check if you want to amend it and then move onto to the next.

The reason I found out the above was by doing one episode and checking the XML file to see if the moviesheet info was on there.  But when i did a whole series in Automatic mode the moviesheet info was missing.

I used the TVDB for the moviesheet info and if you go onto their website you can download folder images for your initial folder cover (if thats what you want).  All you need to do is save the pic to your series folder and rename it to “folder” and it will show up as your cover pic.

Hope this helps, any problems let me know and ill see if I can help.