Thumbgen Tutorial

For those that have been using or are new to Thumbgen, I have made a new tutorial to help guide you through the process of setting it up.

This tutorial was made to set up Thumbgen to work with my theme Mojo (MS) and Mojo (MSP) and is written for that purpose.  But no matter the theme that you are using, it should at least give you a starting point and many of the setting are the same no matter the theme you are using.

This also will help you set your movie metadata xml’s to pull backdrops from your local drive rather than being pulled from as they are now.

I hope that this tutorial helps.



Hi TW, Sorry if Im posting in the wrong area. Just going through the tutorial now and have got stuck here where it says:  “In the Mojo xx.xx.xx (MS) or (MSP) download, you will see a folder named “Mojo_Glass_sheet”. This folder (the entire folder) needs to be unzipped to the “Thumbgen\Templates” folder”. I downloaded Mojo v1.08.06 but dont see any template folder named “Mojo_Glass_sheet”?. Could someone give me a link to the template or tell me what Im doing wrong?


@ shagraft

You need to download the latest one ‘Mojo 1.09.04 (MS)’ that has the file you are talking about  :smiley:

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Thanks Mate! I missed that like a ■■■■■■■!!:smileyvery-happy:

The only dumbasse’s are the ones that don’t ask questions! IMHO.

Tin: Thanks so much for the theme, the help and the great attitude! The Hub, even with it’s problems, is way, way better then the 2 FAT+s I have. I can’t believe the lack of support THAT company has offered for their product.


Glad to help.  But I’m with you on the FAT+, I’m just glad I only have one to complain about.

Thanks Tin,

this helps me in resolve my issue with movie sheets. Only issue i have is editing my 450+ movies XML’s to replace the background image to point to local images. Hopefully, humbgen will provide an option to use Movie sheets as Background tags instead of using the internet links while generating the XML’s.